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Win32 version using cygwin


at the moment I'm updating the Palm version to the latest CVS. To get the game data I decided to create the windows version using cygwin. Also it will be helpful to get the network stuff running under PalmOS. I got some compilation problems:

1. fileio.h

# include <dirent.h>
#elif defined WIN32
# include <windows.h>

leads on my system to not include the windows.h file which then leads to all the windows native defines missing. I had to add windows.h by my own.

2. fileio.cpp, get_home_dir()

SHGetSpecialFolderPath is missing at the moment. Someone has a clue what to include? I'm in a hurry right now and will investigate more in the evening if no one came up with some help :-)

Regards Henk

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