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Re: Updates

Hi Sivio,

I've tried using Crimson Fields on my Ipaq hx4700
and I can't access any of the menus because my PPC doesn't have a keyboard.

Is it possible to do any of the following three things?

1. Touch the stylus to the screen for more than a second to access the
ingame menu.
2. Map shortcut keys to the virtual keyboard and allow it to be
accessed from in game.
3. Provide a menu button on the ingame display.

Are any of the above possible or would I need to purchase a portable
keyboard for my Ipaq?


On 31/01/07, silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx <silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have updated my Windows, Pocket PC and SmartPhone ports from 0.5.0 up to the current version 0.5.1


Have fun!