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Re: I need help


I'm forwarding my other message to your email at jens@xxxxxxxx:


I'm using the mac version of crimson fields right now, but it doesn't seem to be working well. Every so often, it quits unexpectedly, forcing me to save my game extremely often. I hate that. Other than that, the game is awesome! Much better than all the action and shoot-em-up games I've played before. Like I said on my last post, I've been looking for this kind of game for a while now, ever since I found battlefield academy (http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/launch_gms_bfacademy.shtml). I'm wondering if you or Silvio could fix the "unexpectedly quitting" problem and also port the bi2cf, cfed, comet, and all other crimson things to mac os x. That would really help, because I'm really looking forward to programming my own maps, but I can't yet.

Also, I've set up some blueprints for new maps and possibly new campaigns. I'm thinking of an invasion, D-day, and another type of uprising, among other things. I'm also thinking about three new campaigns: the first unsuccessful Kandelian invasion (after the unsuccessful meteor strike), the second Kandelian invasion (following the successful meteor strike), and the rebellion. We could also have a campaign away from Nexus and move on to Kand and Earth, but maybe this would be too large a project to work on. However, I'm willing to do it.

I have the history line and battle isle maps. Recently, however, I've also found a new website much like crimson fields: ASC (Advanced Strategic Command) at http://www.asc-hq.org/. It has some maps, and it also compiled maps from other places, such as battle isle. I'm wondering if these maps can be converted using bi2cf. If so, that would provide players with more maps.

I've also got some great ideas and improvement ideas for crimson fields. I think that crimson should include more manuals, for the game itself and also for individual missions. There should be tips and tactics for individual missions so that people don't get stuck and lose the battle. This is especially helpful for campaigns, since some levels are really hard. Crimson might also include a cheat file or code to win a map. Bi2cf and the map editor/creator should have a more user-friendly interface.

Anyways, I really like this game, so please forward my thanks to the creator. Thanks!


I've been to all the sites you referred me to before, but I couldn't use it. On my mac os x, I have Terminal.app, which is an application that allows people to be make UNIX commands and such. However, I tried the commands a long time ago, and they didn't work. I think I need CVS or something, but I'm not really that advanced a programmer, so I don't know how to compile and all that stuff. Actually, I don't really need bi2cf anymore. Some other people replied to my post and sent me the .lev files. :)

Also, where can I contact Silvio? The "unexpectedly quitting" problem is really getting on my nerves... I'd like to solve that right away.

Also, suppose I create another outline of another campaign. Could I do that? I don't know how to post it on the site. Also, I'm working on a map from my other computer (pc) right now, so when I'm done, I'll probably want to post it on the site too. Do I just send it as an attachment?

Thanks for your help.


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Welcome, Will. 
On 30.06.2008 22:58, William wrote: 
> With crimson fields, I can. However, I'm using a 
> macintosh computer, and I need help with the bi2cf utility 
> and compiling and all that stuff. I have the battle isle 
> and history line maps, and I want to convert them to 
> crimson fields, but I don't know how to. I have a pc, but 
> I need a step by step guide on how to actually do it. 
Have you seen 
The scriptlet on that page obviously requires a UNIXy 
shell, so you'd have to convert it to something your 
system understands. I suppose some sort of shell-thingy 
should be available on a Mac, with its BSD heritage. 
> I've downloaded the mac version of crimson fields, and 
> it's working. However, it quits unexpectedly, and it gets 
> real annoying. I have to save often, and sometimes all my 
> information with crimson fields is lost. 
The Mac port is still pretty fresh. I'm sure Silvio 
would like to know all about such problems with it. If 
you were on Linux or similar I could give you some 
detailed debugging instructions, but for the Mac you'll 
have to rely on other people. 
> I've also got great ideas about improving crimson 
> fields. Crimson fields could include tips and tactics for 
> individual maps so people don't get stuck and lose the 
> battle. 
While these are nice ideas, the big problem usually is 
creating (and maintaining) all that content. I don't 
want to steal your thunder, but it's probably more than 
we could handle at the moment. 
> Also, I have some new map ideas, a well thought 
> out campaign, and maybe another storyline about how the 
> Nexians and Kandelians came to fight each other. 
We're always happy about new maps to play. You may 
have noticed that the standard campaign still isn't 
finished either (although there's a rough outline of 
the full campaign in the wiki that we discussed a 
while ago), so there's yet another battlefield for 
interested map builders to conquer. ;-) 
> Please help me use the bi2cf utility and the cfed 
> utility. Thanks. 
The manpages for both of these are also available 
online at http://crimson.seul.org/wiki/index.php/UserManual 
If you need more specific information don't hesitate 
to ask.