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Re: I need help



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From: Jens Granseuer <jensgr@xxxxxxx>
To: crimson-users@xxxxxxxx
Sent: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 10:37 am
Subject: Re: I need help

On 03.07.2008 06:10, William wrote: 
> I'm wondering if you or Silvio could fix the "unexpectedly quitting" 
> problem and also port the bi2cf, cfed, comet, and all other crimson 
> things to mac os x. 
That would be Silvio's "job" although I suspect there's not a lot of 
porting to be done. 
> I've been to all the sites you referred me to before, but I 
> couldn't use it. On my mac os x, I have Terminal.app, which is 
> an application that allows people to be make UNIX commands and 
> such. However, I tried the commands a long time ago, and they 
> didn't work. 
Sorry, I'm not at all familiar with MacOS. It does, however,sound like you don't even have the bi2cf, cfed etc. binaries. 
In that case, I'd say Silio should provide them with the 
Mac package. 
> Also, where can I contact Silvio? The "unexpectedly quitting" 
> problem is really getting on my nerves... I'd like to solve 
> that right away. 
He's subscribed to this list, too. To contact him directly, use 
silvio at iaccarino.de. 
> Also, suppose I create another outline of another campaign. 
> Could I do that? 
> I don't know how to post it on the site. 
Pages on our wiki can be edited by anybody. You just need 
to "log in" using any WikiWord as a username. 
> Also, I'm working 
> on a map from my other computer (pc) right now, so when 
> I'm done, I'll probably want to post it on the site 
> too. Do I just send it as an attachment? 
If you want to put up files for download, you'll have to 
send them to me. The other option of course is to include 
your maps with the standard crimson package.