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Re: A patch

Yes, I'm still alive (somewhat).

On 02.05.2007 18:17, haruspex wrote:
Hope this is what is expected from me (: I'm not quite sure if these
patches are going to work - some of them touch exactly the same parts
of the code as the others, and I didn't test them separetely as
thoroughly as during the coding.
Anyway, here they are:
animAttack.diff - cursor confirmation animation when attacking an enemy
animMove.diff - cursor confirmation animation when moving a unit

I'm proud to announce that I finally managed to stop procrastinating
long enough to actually get these two patches in shape and applied.
Yay for me! animMove actually went in a while back (almost? don't
remember) unmodified, animAttack just needed a bit of massaging.

Thanks haruspex!