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Re: system logic fault (moving units into a building)

On Monday 28 March 2005 06:39 am, Jens Granseuer wrote:

> This approach gets bonus points for being easily implementable, but
> it's not very intuitive. Also, you can't check whether the "sentried"
> units are valid until you actually try to move out the transport.

My other idea was to make a new section on the dialog showing the inside of a 
factory/base/whatever that lists the available transport-type units and then 
you could just drag and drop units into each one and get a neat little sound 
effect when it works, and a neat little sound effect when it doesn't 
work.  :)  (Or you could click on the unit then click on the transport, like 
you do in the rest of the map anyway)

Neat thing about that is that it implies there's movement in the 
factory/town/base/whatever, you know, like Ultima.  :)

> > I think hovercraft should be able to move over light forest and possibly
> > medium forest (they can go above the trees), but not over heavy forest
> > (older trees, too tall to go above, too thick to maneuver inside the
> > forest).  How many forest distinctions are there right now?
> There are currently two types of forest. One is actually forest and nicely
> qualifies as heavy forest, while the other is merely plains with a few
> trees on top.

I'd tend to think hovercraft should be able to go over the light forest then.  
Which they can already?  (I slept a few times since this conversation 
started, sorry, won't do that again....)  How about introducing something 
like 'terrain hazards' or something?  Making it optional, of course.  It 
would basicaly be the chances a unit will hit something that will cause 
damage to it, incapacitate it, or worse case, kill it.  An argument can be 
made to build the veteran status as well since the internal changes that 
happen when you become a veteran happen as well when you go trudging around 
swamps and thick forests, mountains, hills and stuff for weeks/years.  And 
then the hovercraft would have a higher chance of doing something stupid and 
dying in a light forest than it has on the water?  ;)


> Jens

Your goose is cooked.
(Your current chick is burned up too!)