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Re: system logic fault (moving units into a building)

On 27.03.2005 22:08, Dave Fancella wrote:
> On Sunday 27 March 2005 05:04 am, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> > We had a short discussion about moving units into transports
> > inside of shops a while back, and we basically agreed it would be a good
> > thing. The reason it's not yet possible is more of an UI issue than
> > anything else. If someone manages to come up with a nice interface for
> > doing it I'll give it a shot.
> How about Civilization?  All sentried units essentially randomly end up in 
> each transport.  :)  Then you sentry a couple of units, move out the 
> transport, sentry a couple more, move out another transport.  Ummm, except I 
> don't think we have the "sentry" function in CF.

This approach gets bonus points for being easily implementable, but
it's not very intuitive. Also, you can't check whether the "sentried"
units are valid until you actually try to move out the transport.

> I think hovercraft should be able to move over light forest and possibly 
> medium forest (they can go above the trees), but not over heavy forest (older 
> trees, too tall to go above, too thick to maneuver inside the forest).  How 
> many forest distinctions are there right now?

There are currently two types of forest. One is actually forest and nicely
qualifies as heavy forest, while the other is merely plains with a few trees
on top.