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Re: system logic fault (moving units into a building)

On 25.03.2005 12:16, Mathias Schindler wrote:
> when plaing Lankh Valley, moving the artillery into the Bastron building
> is a deadlock as it is impossible to get this artillery out of the
> building again.
> It takes a hovercraft to get this unit inside the building (in order to
> repair it) so it must be possible to get it out.
> I wonder if the only suitable fix (allowing to move units out of the
> building into a carrier at the same move might alter the dynamics of the
> game...

It will certainly have an effect on gameplay, but IMO it would be for the
better. We had a short discussion about moving units into transports
inside of shops a while back, and we basically agreed it would be a good
thing. The reason it's not yet possible is more of an UI issue than
anything else. If someone manages to come up with a nice interface for
doing it I'll give it a shot.

In your particulr situation (Lankh Valley), though, I wonder whether
hovercraft should be able to move through forest. I'd say they shouldn't
(in fact, my first thought was that this is another glitch caused
by the recent changes in the set creation processes, but it looks like
it's been like that forever). I'm inclined to change that. Opinions?