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Re: Basic strategies for winning almost every map

On 26.03.2005 12:01, Mathias Schindler wrote:
> It is easy to win Swords and Plowshares without losing a  single unit.The
> computer's standard losing reason is that it underestimates thepower or
> artillery, it is unable to keep its units together when movinglarge distances
> and it dares to attack even in the worst possible places.

It's a pretty safe bet that noone will contradict if you say the AI is
stupid ;-)

> From a theory of game-perspective, a good map design would
> discourage defensive strategies and it would prevent the creation of
> unbreakable barriers (elite heavy tank with two scouts and two artillery behind
> a bridge) is simply unable to defeat.

One could argue that to win you have to make sure that your opponent does
not get such an advantage, but that point is moot for the AI, of course.

> Introducing resource-dependency or ammonition shortage might help.

Nah, let's try to keep the rules simple.

> Unitswho
> are by far the most valuable ones compared to their cost are Scoutunits who
> can easily become elite without the risk of being damaged bydirect fire. When
> they were introduced into the Lost factories-map(which existed before that
> unit), they basically broke the idea of that map.

You would be very welcome to propose specific map improvements (preferably
with patches, as always).