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Re: Basic strategies for winning almost every map

On Sun, 27 Mar 2005, Jens Granseuer wrote:

Introducing resource-dependency or ammonition shortage might help.

Nah, let's try to keep the rules simple.

Keeping the rules simple is good, but I've always thought way too many games simply don't deal with logistics in any sense at all. I think the only game I played recently that had any concept of logistics was Earth 2150, and all that had was ammunition. I would like to play a game that made me deal with ammunition, fuel, repair/medical, terrain, weather, all that stuff. Crimson Fields will never be that game, and that's okay, but sometimes my inner geek yearns.

Anyway, back to CF.

This talk of ammunition and resource dependencies got me thinking. Perhaps having the airplanes and helicopters forced to return to a base after a while (say every other turn) would be good idea. It seems that air power is bit too powerful, especially late in the game. You can have
bombers crossing half the map in a turn and destroying entire divisions with little danger to itself. Also, this would make aircraft carriers actually useful.

Speaking of naval forces I have one proposal, and one question. First, I think the addition of a battleship should be considered. It would basically fill the role of a sea based artillery piece, but some close in (1 hex range) weapons unlike artillery. Think of a cross between a heavy tank and an artillery piece.

Second, what's the point of submarines? They're basically patrol boats but without antiaircraft weapons, and the last time I checked, no stealth capabilities. Perhaps if they remained hidden until they attacked, or an attempt was made to move into the hex they occupied, that would be something, but right now I can't figure out why you'd want to use them.

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