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Re: And now, for something COMPLETELY different

I think a globe like map is a good idea for mobile devices because it is so hard to scroll on huge maps on a display with a tiny screen resolution like 240x320. If you accept this patch I'll integrate it into my ports.

I will not have much time for any windows/windows mobile changes because I've changed my platform (Mac OS now) and my windows pc is going to be sold soon.

PS: I'm working on a native Mac OS port now - the old one needs X11 (and is not downloadable any more) and many Mac users avoids X11 stuff because X11 breaks the stylish OS X GUI design.

Am 29.03.2007 um 22:40 schrieb Jens Granseuer:

On 27.03.2007 21:59, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
I made a patch for CF which enables maps that wrap around. That means that it
is possible to "exit" the map on the left edge and "enter" on the right, or
"exit" at top or bottom edge and "enter" at the opposite half of the map
("passing" across a "pole") - as if you are playing on a globe.

Or I should rather say, it should be possible, as crimson usually enters an
unending loop Path::FinalizePath but I'm not sure. (Note that the patch, of
course, is not production-ready, there are no comments etc.)

How do you like this and do you think it is worthy to pursue it further? It
would enable playing on full-world map of Earth for example, and I have some
more ideas.

I'm not sure. I'd say CF plays on a completely different scale (squads vs.
armies), so world map type play doesn't make much sense to me. If it was
trivial to add this option, I might not mind anyway, but as you already
found out yourself, coordinate wrapping (and all that entails) isn't quite
so trivial.

There is another aspect to it I've been pondering for a while now. We've
been adding more and more features (mainly in the form of events and
triggers), but I'd like to see some people actually making use of them
before adding much more.