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Re: And now, for something COMPLETELY different

On Thursday 29 March 2007 22:40, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> On 27.03.2007 21:59, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> > I made a patch for CF which enables maps that wrap around. That means
> > that it is possible to "exit" the map on the left edge and "enter" on the
> > right, or "exit" at top or bottom edge and "enter" at the opposite half
> > of the map ("passing" across a "pole") - as if you are playing on a
> > globe.
> >
> > Or I should rather say, it should be possible, as crimson usually enters
> > an unending loop Path::FinalizePath but I'm not sure. (Note that the
> > patch, of course, is not production-ready, there are no comments etc.)
> >
> > How do you like this and do you think it is worthy to pursue it further?
> > It would enable playing on full-world map of Earth for example, and I
> > have some more ideas.
> I'm not sure. I'd say CF plays on a completely different scale (squads vs.
> armies), so world map type play doesn't make much sense to me. If it was

Interestingly, to me, the game doesn't convey much of a sense of scale. A tank 
icon may represent a squad of six thanks or an army of 6000. People here will 
probably remember that one of the original Battle Isle maps was map of 

And, these more ideas I mentioned include a new tileset similar to Moon of 
Chromos and campaign which would take place on various asteroids (hence the 
wrap will make sense even on small maps). I promise to make the tileset and 
at least few maps.

> trivial to add this option, I might not mind anyway, but as you already
> found out yourself, coordinate wrapping (and all that entails) isn't quite
> so trivial.

Actually, due to your excellent coding, it was fairly easy! A slight redoing 
of Unit and Map classes (which makes sense anyway) and change of Dir2Hex, 
Hex2Dir and Distance functions was enough, except for the unfortunate loop :(