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Re: Hello, maps and Windows.

On CF I've just played the tutorial a couple of times and a couple of the skirmish maps. The one I did last night I really screwed up on, almost got wiped out but managed to skin through with two artillery units and three or four heavily damaged tank units. ;)

I downloaded the original BI, its two addons, BI 2200 and the Scenery CD contents from various sites.

What I need is BI2, not the US version, because the Scenery CD has some problems with BI 2200. It either doesn't work at all (what happened when I tried it, quit because of a file it couldn't find) or it makes the original BI 2200 campaign un-winnable by removing the ability of artillery to target terrain features.

I played BI 2200 some back in the 90's and I'm certain I was able to make the computer play all sides of a map. Very instructional to be able to watch the AI beat itself up! Haven't been able to make it do that now.

I've tried ASC but so far haven't gotten anywhere because I can't figure out how to make units pay attention to the move command. I dunno why they chose to go for such a keyboard heavy system rather than the simple click and click to move, attack etc. that worked so well on the original games. I click a unit, spacebar is supposed to be Move but nothing happens.

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Yay! Too long time with no activities up there on CF! I started wondering if the project is dead. I am not a compiler specialist, so can't hlp.
Speaking of the BI conversion, I never tried it, sorry. From old-games.ru you can gather BI and both data disks + history line. BTW, I'd like to see LibIrc implemented in 0.6.0 - for IP lookup and just chatting about the game. Again, I am a single lifeless lamer who jumps between projects with a "WHEN IS 1.0?" sign.