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Other platforms for CF. Re: Re: Hello, maps and Windows.

One platform I'm certain CF will never be on is BREW. Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless.

BREW = Qualcomm's knockoff of Sun JAVA. BREW's SDK isn't free and both Qualcomm and all wireless providers a BREW developer wants the app to be sold through have to approve the app.

It could be something every cellphone company that sells BREW phones would want, but Qualcomm could say "Nope!".

Thus, with Qualcomm thinking they're akin to Nintendo, there's pretty much only shite for BREW apps and games, which of course are locked to the phone they're bought for and downloaded to. Phone dies? You get to re-buy all your stuff!

The Palm OS Zodiac and Zodiac 2 coulda been a contender, if not for their stupid DRM requirement for software to access the enhanced audio and video features, even free apps were required to use the DRM. Developers stayed far-far away from it. Without a large number of enhanced apps to entice buyers it was just a Palm PDA with two SD slots and a little joystick. AFAIK the only Palm PDA to have two SD slots.

Anyone tried porting CF to the GP2X?