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Re: Re: Hello, maps and Windows.

I've never compiled even a single piece of software, and I'm a lamer. So I can't help in this. It's extremely sad. I hope I had a linux-user friend whom I'd ask to compile and publish the win32 binary. BTW, I wish someone wrote a java header that you won't have to "build" for each OS - just write down a new batch file. I guess that would prevent windows users from lagging behind... or, if you're willing to, you might place a Java build of the game on the website, replacing inconvenient IP-finder with a "lobby", replacing PBEM with server-side profile-to-profile transactions (for "slow play", which PBEM is a variant of). With a game being in Java, you could also release "crimson towns" - an online multi-directional shooter, utilizing CF unit sprites, but on a square-based grid. After that, you could even make some pay-to-use content in the CF setting (for example, release an online-only version of GTA 2). Then CF will eventually grow into a forum-based multi-game site with a cool futuristic setting.