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Re: Hello, maps and Windows.


I'm still keeping an eye on CF and I will provide updates for Win32, Windows Mobile and Mac OSX - but there are no new features, that are worth to update now - ore did I miss something? The change log ends with 0.5.2...

Maps - yes - new maps would be a good reason for an update. Somebody may ask Blue Byte for the permission to convert the ancient BI maps...


Am 20.03.2010 um 16:07 schrieb Jens Granseuer:

> Hi Gregg.
> On Thu, 2010-03-18 at 02:17 -0700, Gregg Eshelman wrote:
>> Does anyone have any BI maps already converted for CF? It'd save a lot
>> of effort and time if CF players shared their converted maps.
> The simple reason we don't have those maps available on the website is
> that we'd violate Blue Byte's copyright. I agree it would be very useful
> otherwise. 
>> Could someone compile 0.5.3 for Windows? The current Windows binary is at 0.5.1.
> Unfortunately, we don't really have a Windows maintainer anymore since
> Silvio dumped that platform a while ago. If you manage to get your hands
> on an updated binary I'd gladly put that up for the download links as
> well.
> Have fun,
> Jens