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Re: We need a masterserver

Константинов Юра wrote:
We need a masterserver or a registered IRC channel to be used as a lobby (for chatting and seeing others' IP's, that are needed to start a network game). Would you like me to create an IRC channel on Freenode and put a link for a web IRC client here? Freenode's web IRC client allows to see IP's - and thus, might be helpful for finding other players. I */really/* want to help the project with anything i can.

Good evening, George! I've never been much of an IRC fan myself, but I think it could be a good meeting place for network game opponents to coordinate.

I like your idea about having a forum too. I've been a long-time participant on some, including a few specifically for Dark Galaxy alliances, even moderating sometimes. As long as the range of common interests is kept narrow, I find keeping spammers and egoists in check is not difficult.

-- Albert.