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Re: Please join the IRC server

Adam H wrote:
Hi George,

One of the problems with IRC is that it requires people to be on at
the same time and it might be difficult to find people who are on at
exactly the same time as you, especially when most people live in
different time zones (for example, it's now 10:05 am here in Tokyo).

I can attest to that. I went to Freenode, #Crimson-Lobby and am now the only one there (besides ChanServ). Glad I did, since some of my XChat settings were stale. Haven't been back to Chatspike in a while.

I registered my old nick "Narn_Metals_Ltd". BTW it is 9:30 PM where I am (within howitzer range of Columbus, OH).

Albert Vest, Al Vest at Brakiri dot com