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Re: Please join the IRC server

With all due respect George, your posts come across as extremely
arrogant, insulting and hypocritical.

Calling people anus-minded and insulting the method with which same
people use to communicate will not win you friends. You are more
likely to swiftly lose any friends you have which will result in you
not being able to pay with anyone.

You seem to be knowledgeable about a lot of technical things,
certainly more so than I, but your sociological and diplomatic skills
leave a lot to be desired. If you could refrain from using insulting
language, provide positive suggestions in a supportive manner and not
try to "take control", you'll find not only that you and your ideas
would be welcomed, but also that your ideas would be implemented. You
would become a part of the team and help make whichever project you
choose to help grow.

Judging from your brief performance here, you will be bouncing around
from group to group for a very long time. I sincerely hope that you
prove me wrong, but I am sure that I am not alone in gladly letting
you move swiftly on.

2009/10/29 Константинов Юра <Yuraconst@xxxxxxxxx>:
> PBEM mode is exactly transfer of specially modified hotseat saves with passwords. So PBEM is a sl0w play mode for those very patient and not anus-minded. So I prefer average netplay. Erm, looks like I'll need to find a different TBS.