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Re: crimson gfx : little touch #2

æ åï2006-08-26 æ 15:09 +0200ïLaurent Chea æåï
> > I suppose there should be mountains with green color, 
> > `cause there it is in the real world, 
> > and for additional eye-candy effect for the game;
> > a problem to make it look different from the grass is, however.
> > 
> Yeah, maybe the "middle" mountains and the little ones can be more grassy.
> Here is a new shot, hq are modified, port too, and "where you get 
> cristals" too.
> I also modified the GFXupdate level to show the different ground levels, 
>   I like them :)
> Old : http://eva.krystale.net/~mrpingouin/render/shot08.png
> New : http://eva.krystale.net/~mrpingouin/render/shot09.png

hmmm... That is a way to work it out, however, I thought I was talking 
about make the mountain on the clock-2-direction side, yes, 
the multipixel ones, with 6 hexes, 4 hexes, and with 1 hex; 
maybe make these mountains somewhat green would make the game look
more fancy ? BTW, I like the new place to take crystals from, 
maybe an bunker with other shape would be proper ?

I had fun with this game, however, I would prefer some weapon
like missile or rockets, with an attack range bigger then rail guns,
or such, on the ground, anti-air or surface to surface, the sea, 
anti-boat or anti-air, or ground-attack, and the air, 
which would bring much variations in the tatic, and thus more fun.
But that would make the game more complex, the units would have to
be increased, updated, and the old maps would have to be redesigned or
would be out of date due to the lack of the new units, that would be of
concern, for sure.

Anyway, saying is easier than doing, just take my words as ideas ...

by TangYen.