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Re: crimson gfx : little touch #2

On 26.08.2006 15:09, Laurent Chea wrote:
> New : http://eva.krystale.net/~mrpingouin/render/shot09.png

I'd like to merge some of Laurent's work back into the default tiles.
Therefore I'd like to know which of his modifications you (don't)

I already spoke to Laurent on IM, and we agrred we would not include
the new mountains just yet. On one hand, those are the tiles I'd like
to see most in the next release, on the other they still need a bit
of retouching, and unfortunately, Laurent currently doesn't have the
time to do it. Basically, I'd like to see the 4- and 9-parts mountains
share the four tiles from the 4-parts one. It shouldn't be that
difficult since they are already very similar, but it's still too
difficult for me. ;-)
(Another approach could be to just include the new 1- and the 4-parts
mountains and leave the big one for later when the 4-parts one has
been adjusted. Not sure about that.)
Blending with the surrounding tiles could also still be improved,
but I don't consider that essential. The mountains are already better
than what we have IMO.
I have also seen a green variant of the mountains (after Tang Yen
suggested that), but I don't remember where, maybe Laurent sent me
a link on IM...

Many of the shop modifications add patches of grass which makes them
not work well in different surroundings (like snow, for example).
(yeah, the single-tile shop needs fixing too, but that's not a reason
to make matters worse). This means I won't accept them as is, but
many of the designs will work just fine without the grass as well.

So, cast your votes, please.