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Re: crimson fields graphics

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 18:57:40 +0200
Laurent Chea <contact@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I wrote a little program that makes tileset design much easier because
it does all the graphics conversion and colourmap stuff automatically. I
hadn't much time in the past to work on it, so if anybody like to use
and improve it, he or she is very welcome.

The program takes a whole bunch of single tile images and a tileset
description file *.tileset and transforms them into a tileset.bmp and a
tileset.tsrc. A final call of mktileset will generate the ready-to-use
tileset for crimson. It is able to combine multiple images into one
tile so that each image has to be drawn only once. A road could be
combined in one case with grassland and in another with a bridge
immage over a river image. No need to draw every detail again and again.

The tool uses ImageMagick for all the graphic stuff and is able to
generate tilesets of any size from the same sources, even if crimson
only understands a tilesize of 32x32 yet.

I attached the sourcecode including a small example. I have a lot more
tiles for rails, terrain, mountains, etc but I would send these images
only on request to the list, because of file size. The attached file is
already big enough, so ...

If someone is interested in other images, please ask. Beside png I also
have them in multilayer gimp xcf images.

 Best Regards

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