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New release?


where are we at? I mentioned some time ago that I'd like to
roll a new release in two weeks. Those two weeks have long since
passed, mostly because there happened to glimpses of some new stuff
that would make a release a lot more interesting (since most of the
changes to date are boring technicalities):

* I was lazy (ok, not exactly an exciting new development)

* Silvio had some maps that looked very promising

* Laurent did some work on tiles

* Henk offered to work on a networking prototype

Now that my lazyness has ebbed of a little and my holidays are over
(sigh), I'd like to know what our status is. Is anything going to
be ready in reasonably short time (whatever that is)? Does it make
sense to delay the (still pretty uninteresting) release any longer?
If there's a chance of any one of the new features going in, I vote
yes, but I don't know about that.

Show me some hands, please.