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Re: New release?

Now that my lazyness has ebbed of a little and my holidays are over
(sigh), I'd like to know what our status is. Is anything going to
be ready in reasonably short time (whatever that is)? Does it make
sense to delay the (still pretty uninteresting) release any longer?
If there's a chance of any one of the new features going in, I vote
yes, but I don't know about that.

Ups, I've started right away but then was disturbed a bit and now it's not finished yet :-( The state is: devices one is already sending some stuff to device two which already knows it should wait for somthing, but then crashes right away, when it receives the first bytes. It means I need to rewrite the receive stuff but didn't find the time last week. Even if I'm able to do it today or tomorrow, I guess there are still things to do or to enhance and define before it is usable. So, don't wait for me :-)


BTW: the little bit which disturbed me 10 days ago was the birth of my son :-)

  Henk Jonas
  Palm OS ® certified developer

  metaview@xxxxxx                                   www.metaviewsoft.de