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Re: AI questions


Haven't tried it, yet, so I will refrain from comments for now.
(Except for one: it's amazing how many people get the shop tiles
wrong... ;-))

Oops! Can't we call that "creative" rather than "wrong"? (-;

[producing units with the best value per cost]
Possibly, yes. In some cases you'll get worse, though. E.g.,
you'll have vastly better chances against Heavy Tanks with
Heavy Tanks than with 4 Infantry units. But you may be right
that in most situations the best relation is better.

Maybe the truth is in between, dividing by (type->Cost + xxx).
I'll try.

[let a mine+factory wait, until the most useful unit can be produced]
True. If you save crystals, though, you should also take into
account whether enemy infantry is near so you don't risk losing
them if you don't spend them immediately.

If the infantry is already too near, we should maybe consider to
produce something worthless ... burning villages (-;

Well, these are the many, many ideas one should think about,
but they need testing in so many situations. But now that I
know that somebody is interested, I'll start to investigate.

And, of course, this
course of action is only helpful for combined mines/factories,
unless we teach the AI to ferry crystals around...

Yes, that's another interesting target, but I don't feel that
I'm ready for that one.

AI improvements have long been on the wishlist. At one point
we've also been thinking about having multiple AI implementations
that map designers could chose from according to the mission
requirements and e.g. the difficulty setting. Provided we
supported that, one very nice way to check whether AI changes
are actually an improvement, would be to pit different AIs
against each other...

That would of course very much reduce the time needed for
testing (of course it doesn't keep you from looking at /why/
a certain "improvement" fails).

I didn't find that discussion in the list archive. Who remembers
where I have to look?

Anyhow, I would need much more time to understand the whole
code, before I could dare to start a change like that. So I
start with more local changes where I can do less damage. (-;

Maybe one day I did dig deep enough to do such a thing. But if
I'm lucky, someone else does it before me. (-:

Well, to cut a long story short: There's a lot of work left
to be done to improve the AI, and any work towards that goal
would certainly be appreciated.

Okay, I'm already working ...