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Re: AI questions

On 23.09.2007 08:08, Philipp Sªsse wrote:

> Haven't tried it, yet, so I will refrain from comments for now.
> (Except for one: it's amazing how many people get the shop tiles
> wrong... ;-))

Oops! Can't we call that "creative" rather than "wrong"? (-;

You can call it whatever you like. That won't make it right,
though ;-)

> And, of course, this
> course of action is only helpful for combined mines/factories,
> unless we teach the AI to ferry crystals around...

Yes, that's another interesting target, but I don't feel that
I'm ready for that one.

Transportation in general is pretty difficult to get right.

> AI improvements have long been on the wishlist. At one point
> we've also been thinking about having multiple AI implementations
> that map designers could chose from according to the mission
> requirements and e.g. the difficulty setting. Provided we
> supported that, one very nice way to check whether AI changes
> are actually an improvement, would be to pit different AIs
> against each other...
I didn't find that discussion in the list archive. Who remembers
where I have to look?


Maybe one day I did dig deep enough to do such a thing. But if
I'm lucky, someone else does it before me. (-:

In my experience, very few people are that lucky. ;-)

> Well, to cut a long story short: There's a lot of work left
> to be done to improve the AI, and any work towards that goal
> would certainly be appreciated.

Okay, I'm already working ...

Great. I'm looking forward to the results.