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Re: [f-cpu] Supported Instructions

On Sat, 6 Apr 2002, Yann Guidon wrote:
>nico wrote:
>> Yann Guidon a écrit :
>> > nico wrote:
>> > >  - How to access indirectly the register set ? (to extract data)
>> > fetch them from the CMB.
>> So you must manipulate the instruction world and then manipulate the
>> CMB. But it will be really slow !! Is it usefull ?
>FP itself is at maybe 10x faster than emulated instructions, and FP is
>pipelinable. so if you don't have a FPU, it's _necessarily_ slow.
>come on.

Hi, I think 10 times is a much to low assumption. I would
see it around 1:100.


>You know that i refuse to design "naughty hacks" that will not be useful
>(or that will harm us) in future architectures. You can maybe find an
>idea but keep in mind that it must be compatible with all known
>architecture and execution schemes. Triggering the SRB to get the
>register set's image and instruction pointer is a simple and portable
>way to perform the task. If you want to speed it up too much, you
>will make the architecture and programming model too complex and
>not implementable. And don't forget your P&H books :-) (you know,
>"what is the definition of RISC"...)
>Do you have an idea ?

Run Imitated Softcode from Cache? :)


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