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Re: [f-cpu] Supported Instructions

On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 11:30:24PM +0200, Yann Guidon wrote:
> > - "something" (a register?) point on the faulty instruction.
> in the CMB (the instruction pointer).
> After the instruction is "simulated", the IP must be incremented...

How do we find the address of the CMB?
Remember that we're in another context now.

> > - The handler try to extract the register number to emulate the instruction
> use the IP from the CMB, fetch the 4-byte data and extract the fields.
> >  - by using some others registers ?
> these are in the new "task". SRB is certainly triggered.
> >  - We need to save some of them (slow?)
> why "slow" ?
> >  - How to access indirectly the register set ? (to extract data)
> fetch them from the CMB.

That will become difficult if the SRB is still in progress. You don't
know if that particular register value has already been written to the

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