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Re: [Fwd: Re: [f-cpu] RC5, F-CPU and srotl]

> > > BTW, is there any way to compile & execute code for the F0 ? I might be
> > > interrested in doing some assembler coding, why not a Forth
> > > interpreter, but it's gonna to be hard if I must do hand-testing for
> > > the code :-)
> > Hum, it's where we have a problem, we have a small not all function
> > virtual machin with a GTK interface. I think that YG is coding an ASM an
> > michael too (I am not sure). And when I will have the necessary time, I
> > will code one.
> is there a contest ? :-)
You want one ? ;-)

> it seems that everyone makes his own version, thus addressing different
> needs, no ?
I think, I have some idea that can be useful for an human assembler, but not 
for a GCC backend. (macro, dependency detection, code coherency).

> > And we will need a good virtual machine that can emulate all the F-CPU
> > asm, it must be able to simulate the latency and give us some statistic
> > about the CPU.
> i'll use ncsim for that purpose.
> I better trust super-optimised VHDL simulators (which genererate
> target-machine code) rather than a poorly designed C code (even if there is
> a "price" difference). At least we won't have to deal with 2 code trees
> that do the same things.
... That not the same problem, in one case we need VHDL coder and a final 
version of the FC0, and in the other case we need C coder with the manual...
If we respect the manual, we can do something useful before we have the FC0.

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