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Re: [f-cpu] Winograd DCT on my seul.org account

Juergen Goeritz wrote:
> >I would add "Small" and "bootstrap-able". I never could under stand
> >object programing as once you have more than a few operations you never
> >know what the program will do.
> Hey, we were talking about very large scale projects in
> userspace BTW.

All the more reason for small and bootstrap-able and self compile. We
have this great NEW language but you need X-windows, BASH shell, make,
perl , C++ (ver 99,999) and bison and flex to compile it with XXX and
YYY and ZZZ libraries. Sigh!
I still think a REAL OS with well designed hardware can be small as well
at the compilers and other system tools.
BTW I am not a fan of dynamic libraries as you have version problems

Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
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