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Re: [f-cpu] Winograd DCT on my seul.org account

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Ben Franchuk wrote:
>Juergen Goeritz wrote:
>> On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Martin Devera wrote:
>> >> Hi, I agree with your comment that C is not a good
>> >> language for large userspace projects. C was developed
>> >> as a language to implement an operating system and I
>> >> guess that's why you can also use it as a high level
>> >> assembler. To my experience C++ did not improve that
>> >> situation much but instead it enabled a developer to
>> >> disguise the true program meaning by the possibility
>> >> of redefinition of most of the constructs. In which
>> >> case you end up with source code that is unmaintainable
>> >> without the proper documentation. And by documentation
>> >> I mean including the whole conceptual thoughts behind
>> >> the program.
>> >
>> >Exactly. I can't find language which would be good for these
>> >projects - I like Python put it can't be compiled eficiently
>> >AFAIK.
>> >Java is only hype-driven language with too many bugs in
>> >implementations and also not compilable simply...
>> >Have you some idea at which lang should one look ?
>> Hmh, that's a very good question.
>> What one would need is a language with a very good
>> type checking like in Ada, Pascal, Modula a.s.o, a
>> language that can do easy prototyping and reuse of
>> coded parts like Forth, a language disallowing the
>> side-effect programming styles, a language that can
>> handle OO approaches and a language that is capable
>> of parallel execution pathes.
>I would add "Small" and "bootstrap-able". I never could under stand
>object programing as once you have more than a few operations you never
>know what the program will do.

Hey, we were talking about very large scale projects in
userspace BTW.


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