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Re: FORTH plusminus, was Re: [f-cpu] Winograd DCT on my seul.org account

> > Hi,
> hi ! too
Hi ! three ;-)

> > > > But what we can do is detecting where we lost cycle.
> > > > (It's what I plan to do in my asm).
> > >
> > > it's like calling the doctor who says : "you're sick" and goes away.
> >
> > Exactly, but actually the human are better than our algorithm, no ?
> no, what i meant is : knowing the problem doesn't solve it.
> If you can detect a pipeline stall, it won't tell you why it is there,
> and how to remove it. OTOH an algorithm that creates good code
> _by_construction_ is more interesting because you don't have to check the
> result.
you can't create a code right scheduling _by_construction_. You nead a special 
pass that do the scheduling.

> > > btw, do you come to the Libre Software Meeting in Bordeaux ?
> > > will you present some of our work ?
> >
> > Yes of course, I have some problem with my pop at epita, so if some
> > discussion append on it, I can't know them. But we will meet us at the
> > "first jeudi" ?
> of course i'll come to Les Halles.
> But do you want to present something ? do you have a subject in mind ?
It depend on the time I have, but why not ?

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