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Re: FORTH plusminus, was Re: [f-cpu] Winograd DCT on my seul.org account

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, cedric wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> hi ! too
>Hi ! three ;-)
hi ! four :-)

>> > > > But what we can do is detecting where we lost cycle.
>> > > > (It's what I plan to do in my asm).
>> > >
>> > > it's like calling the doctor who says : "you're sick" and goes away.
>> >
>> > Exactly, but actually the human are better than our algorithm, no ?

The human mind is differently working (associative) and thus
not bound to sequential computer algorithmic structure which
in return makes it superior because it also can think the
algorithmic way. It's a superset of some kind.

>> no, what i meant is : knowing the problem doesn't solve it.
>> If you can detect a pipeline stall, it won't tell you why it is there,
>> and how to remove it. OTOH an algorithm that creates good code
>> _by_construction_ is more interesting because you don't have to check the
>> result.
>you can't create a code right scheduling _by_construction_. You nead a special 
>pass that do the scheduling.

... or go as massively parallel as the human brain does. It
comes at only 30..45 Hz operating frequency ;)


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