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Re: [f-cpu] FPU Adder....

Ok, here we go...

Nicolas Boulay wrote:
"En" signal  must not be in the process sensitivity list of a clocked process.
Why not?

while (S5MP(MSIZE) /= '1') loop
S5EP := fl_decr(S5EP);
S5MP(MSIZE downto 1) := S5MP(MSIZE-1 downto 0);
S5MP(0) := '0';
end loop;

Dynamic loop can't be synthetised. Synthetiser unroll such loop but can't do anything with that. It look like it need a clock but which one ?
If you want to use loop use only argument that end the loop that can be decided at compile time.
Well, you're right, but...

This looks like part of a normalization circuit to me (shift operand left until the MSBit is 1). There already is such a circuit inside the integer divide unit.

Haven't looked at the source yet, though.


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