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[f-cpu] System C


I recently discover your project and I guess I can contribute a little
bit to it. I am working in an interuniversitary microelectronics
research center in belgium (imec) and we are active in different field
including SoC design technologies. We are developping some EDA tools to
support it, including a C++ class library that can be seen as 'the basis
of System C'. This is exactly the same philosophy: It enable integrated
HW/SW (co-)simulation with different refinement level (from data flow to
RTL) and it can also be used to generate synthetizable vhdl or verilog
code. The library is really stable (more than System C ;-) and has
already been used internally for several high-ends designs (inclusing a
cable-modem, a 802.11a-like (it was before the standard) baseband
transceiver, ...). You can have more information on
It can be used freely even it is not really under GPL.

Regards and best wishes

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