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Re: [f-cpu] yahoogroups archive

hi !

Carlos De Urresti Hannoh wrote:
> > Now that i have downloaded it, it will be included
> > in the next F-CPU CDROMs. However the archive contains
> > ALL Carlos' site files, including the compressed and
> > uncompressed files. maybe he'll make a smaller version.
> new urls:
> http://f-cpu.lphalt.com/pub/FCPU_attachments-yahoogroups.tar.gz
> http://f-cpu.lphalt.com/pub/FCPU_plaintext-yahoogroups.tar.gz
> http://f-cpu.lphalt.com/pub/FCPU_full-yahhogroups.tar (both files and this
> is 17.6MB only).

Thank you !!

> Orage
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