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Re: [f-cpu] "Tree"

> > > Why? If you look at the design of man. You got one half
> > > of the brain working in top-down (analyze) and the other
> > > half in bottom-up (integrate). There has been a lot of
> > > experiments going on to get an idea how the brain works.
> > > If you don't use both halves you be nothing and hardly
> > > achieve anything. Okay, now I somehow got philosophical ;-)
> > 
> > Lets not forget the brain is layered with primeval brains
> > handling the 'OS' kernel and user stuff more recently evolved.
> > The real difference (other than physical stuff) is the higher
> > degree of redundancy and re-programing in living things.
> > Byte magazine had a good bit on brains many years back.
> But is it a real bottom-up design by evolution
> - or did some whatever do a top-down design? :-)

Hey, let's not get religious here. What I simply wanted
to say is that top-down works when you know exactly what
you want to achieve. Bottom-up works if you have some
pieces and want to build a new whole.

I hope we can stop this discussion about best ways to do
something now. F-CPU is on it's way...


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