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Re: [f-cpu] "Tree"


Ben Franchuk wrote:
> "Yann Guidon [systeme]" wrote:
> > There are both students and professionals here but the point of F-CPU
> > is to allow anybody (with a linux box) to participate without constraint.
> > The synthesis problem is one of those we have to solve now.
> Ignoring the problem with graphics, why not a Windows or Unix Box. It
> would be nice not to be tied to just one OS if possible.
that is one other problem, too. For example, i started to use Simili
when only the Win32 version was available. Fortunately the sources
are portable across other platforms, but compilation scripts are not.

> Also is not the FPGA version a stepping stone to the ASIC version.
it's useful, but i don't know if we can base everything on that.
i have never practiced FPGA so i can't speak.

> Since we don't have 'free' FPGA's in architecture or software why
> worry if you use linux or windows for development if the F-CPU is
> in source and portable.
true but compilation scripts are maybe a problem, particularly
when using a proprietary "integrated development suite" with specific
file formats and requirements. I have this kind of problem with
ncsim, which introduces several classes of files for different
purposes (note that ncsim is ideally not OS-dependent).
We don't have this problem with Vanilla and Simili.

> Lets get a FPGA hardware design out to learn with as speed
> can come later. Once the FPGA version has been debugged drop
> the FPGA code and write new stuff for ASIC's as you have learned
> about the inside and outside F-CPU and then can build a a real
> version.
As you noted before, the project must not be bound to an OS
or even a SW. but why bind us to a FPGA vendor, its tools and HW ?
it is also difficult to allow people to contribute if they can't access
the target HW and we can't force them to buy it.

> BTW does the F-cpu handle threads will , as HURD really
> needs a well designed CPU to run right.
i'm not a HURD expert and the OS-side is not definitively defined.
However, i think that if SRB is implemented, it should be ok,
as for ANY OS.

> Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
> www.jetnet.ab.ca/users/bfranchuk/index.html
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