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Re: [f-cpu] "Tree"

"Yann Guidon [systeme]" wrote:

> There are both students and professionals here but the point of F-CPU
> is to allow anybody (with a linux box) to participate without constraint.
> The synthesis problem is one of those we have to solve now.

Ignoring the problem with graphics, why not a Windows or Unix Box. It
would be nice
not to be tied to just one OS if possible.

Also is not the FPGA version a stepping stone to the ASIC version.
Since we don't have 'free' FPGA's in architecture or software why
worry if you use linux or windows for development if the F-CPU is 
in source and portable.
Lets get a FPGA hardware design out to learn with as speed
can come later. Once the FPGA version has been debugged drop
the FPGA code and write new stuff for ASIC's as you have learned
about the inside and outside F-CPU and then can build a a real
version. BTW does the F-cpu handle threads will , as HURD really
needs a well designed CPU to run right.
Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
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