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[f-cpu] FOSS FPGA tools...

Hi dear FPGA hackers,

I wrote a similiar letter to Damjan Lampret about this, but
haven't got any answer for now...

So, is there any effort for making free (as free beer) tools
for FPGA design/verification/bitsream compilation for the
FOSS community? Are there any docs, describing how to
implement such tools? Xilinx docs are somehow cryptic and
don't show every aspect of their hardware... Are there any
vendors who release fulll documentation for their FPGA
devices? If free FPGA tools existence become true, will
this help everyone to continue develope free and
high-qiality IP cores?

Tell me your opinions!

Best regards,

Nikolay Dimitrov, a.k.a. PicMaster

Junior Project Manager - Software Department
Biotronica Ltd.


http://www.atol.bg - Намери бившите си съученици и стари приятели!

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