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Re: [f-cpu] new manual, new site...

good evening,

Michael Riepe wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 01:20:10AM +0200, Yann Guidon wrote:
>> This is a prototype site.
>> It is currently under debug and will be eventually
>> moved when it is stable enough.
>> I have also included an interesting news for you !
> Unfortunately, I need a translation to {english,german} again...
> If you don't want me to quit the project, you'd better start speaking
> to me in a language that I can understand.

mmm sorry : the question of langage is not yet debated.

doing a site that reads both english and french (and why not german)
is always going to raise problems ("what does he says on the other
page ?"). This is not intentional and since a lot of activity
recently took place on the french mailing list, i did not
take enough care. I was carried away by the fact that a site

Anyway, as written before, this site is still experimental.
Feel free to use it, configure it, report bugs and whatever.
I guess that the langage problem is not going to be solved
soon (problems of segregation, misunderstandings etc.)
but we currently work with 2 mailing lists already,
it's not hopeless. It's only the beginning.

Christophe wrote:
 > For the moment there is no real important news except that we have a more
 > featuring website for the project and that CÚdric releases source archives and
 > pdf files for the F-CPU manual ver. 0-2-5.
 > But you're right, we should try to speak as english as possible if we would
 > like for that website to be expected to be read by no-french-speaking people. :)

As you can see, whatever is written in french will rise the same
question from a non-french speaking person. OTOH, some discussions
will have no point in english, for example for the french association.

I fear we opened another big can of smelly worms...


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