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Re: [f-cpu] new manual, new site...


You know what? The language problem will be with us for
quite a while anyway. We are living in Europe and this
area is bound to solve language problems. Just wait 'til
Poland and Turkey enter the EU... ;)

P.S. There are some automatic language translators out there
in the internet. It works for a friend with english/russian
translations but don't know how good it is on technical things.

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Yann Guidon wrote:

>good evening,
>Michael Riepe wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 01:20:10AM +0200, Yann Guidon wrote:
>>> This is a prototype site.
>>> It is currently under debug and will be eventually
>>> moved when it is stable enough.
>>> I have also included an interesting news for you !
>> Unfortunately, I need a translation to {english,german} again...
>> If you don't want me to quit the project, you'd better start speaking
>> to me in a language that I can understand.
>mmm sorry : the question of langage is not yet debated.
>doing a site that reads both english and french (and why not german)
>is always going to raise problems ("what does he says on the other
>page ?"). This is not intentional and since a lot of activity
>recently took place on the french mailing list, i did not
>take enough care. I was carried away by the fact that a site
>Anyway, as written before, this site is still experimental.
>Feel free to use it, configure it, report bugs and whatever.
>I guess that the langage problem is not going to be solved
>soon (problems of segregation, misunderstandings etc.)
>but we currently work with 2 mailing lists already,
>it's not hopeless. It's only the beginning.
>Christophe wrote:
> > For the moment there is no real important news except that we have a more
> > featuring website for the project and that CÚdric releases source archives and
> > pdf files for the F-CPU manual ver. 0-2-5.
> >
> > But you're right, we should try to speak as english as possible if we would
> > like for that website to be expected to be read by no-french-speaking people. :)
>As you can see, whatever is written in french will rise the same
>question from a non-french speaking person. OTOH, some discussions
>will have no point in english, for example for the french association.
>I fear we opened another big can of smelly worms...
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