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Re: [f-cpu] calling conventions

Some reflexions

First some of you that callling convention was language specific, OK but
here we talk about a callin convention for inter language call. If a
compiler want to have is optimized call, it's ok, but if he want to
expose function to other program he must use a standard calling conv.

Second I don't known were is the problems for va_arg if we don't push all
arg in a list rather than just those not in reg, you have a more
compilcated va_start but you don't slow all the other function call. All
developer known that va_arg are slow, so in our case it's possible it was
a bit more slow but we keep speed for conventional call.

Third :
>If you want we can say that we only transfert the parameter after the
>into the stack, but we reserved the needed place, so that printf/scanf
>start to save them into the stack and we didn't do any stupid transfert.
>It can be a solution to solve our problem with a best result.

No, I think the caller must only do convention thing, the caled can all
he want to handle this after.

Fourth we don't care about incorect call or function with badly
translated protoype... In all this case the programmer have done an error
so it could obtain an error...
I think we don't need to spare cpu time to reduce the risk of thi type of
error, because in most of case we couldn't resolve it correctly and the
developper must try to resolve it himself.



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