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Re: [f-cpu] calling conventions

> Not really. Babelfish translations are *much* worse. In fact, Thomas'
> mail was quite understandable, as opposed to your french text.

There is plenty of expressions which are word by word translation and the way i
know it is a babel fish translation is simple to guess :

"What I propose has the place"; In french he wanted to say "Ce que je propose 
la place", that is,"What I propose instead".

But in his french email, he wrote "Ce que je propose a la place", because he
was lazy to stress his vowels :). But for Babelfish or equivalent, which are
stupid enough not to understand that "a" was in fact "" (i.e, "to (the
place)"), it turns out to be "has", which is the real meaning of "a".

I cannot think Thomas is stupid enough to write that sentence so he should have
been lazy to reread all as he was lazy with stressed vowels :)=)

By the way, i was just kidding Thomas. Should I put a ton of smileys !?

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