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Re: [f-cpu] calling conventions


>will give us :
>r1 += r2;
>instead of :
>r1 = r2 + r3;
>and save r3 for temporary register.

Bad example, you never make function like this is ridiculous, you
spent a lot of time in call of function so you don't see the other
And with a more real example the econmics was not a real advantage
because you generaly need number of arg only in start or function so
you can use his register for temp var, like r3 in your example.


Not so bad, if you use STL (c++) and bind functions, you have a class 'add' (or
something like) which defines an operator () to make the addition. So my
example would be good for this case ;P. Those classes are used to have compound
functions to pass as a template argument on other classes.

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