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Re: Rep:[f-cpu] Another proposition for a call convention

On Fri, 07 Jun 2002 09:45:31 -0600, Ben Franchuk wrote:
>Christophe wrote:
>> R60 : return adress
>> R61 : global pointer
>> R62 : Frame pointer
>> R63 : stack pointer
>> Are you speaking about frame pointer ? the only real purpose of
>>frame pointer
>> is to help for debug but in a release we don't really need a frame
>> Unless it is the case for IA32 for example, and I'm quite sure for
>>most other
>> CPUs too. There is no real reason to get rid of it nor to be
>>forced to use it.
>> So I think it shouldn't be a problem.
>I think pascal needs a base pointer for stack frames as well as a

No you don't need it, I have worked on some Pascal compiler without it
but in case of function in function you must have it or a stack for
parameters (stack is generaly most simple to handle but base pointer is
speeder), but you can handle it internaly and you don't need to specify
it in a general call convention.

>With languages that use objects like C++ you could have a lot of
>used for message passing and indirect function calls.

In most of case the only thing you must have is a pointer to the object
that own the current method, and generaly it was passed as the first
parameter so you can use same calling convention.

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