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Re: [f-cpu] elbrus

hi again,

Yann Guidon wrote:
> Graham Seaman wrote:
> > Anything interesting/rlevant in this article on the elbrus?
> > http://www.rons.net.cn/english/FSM/english/FSM/ISSUE02/e2k.pdf
> i can only say when i have downloaded all the 11MB through my modem :-(

after several attempts, i finally downloaded the whole file
(my modem has hicups and the chinese server has no support
for transmission recovery, so all the file has to be d/l again).
Fortunately, the file compresses 2x during transmission.

Frankly, from what i have read, ELBRUS looked to me like
"good vaporware" and i'm still skeptic. really. They keep claiming
things but i have never seen it "work".

This "paper" (14 pages) gives some insights into the architecture
philosophy. It is authored by Boris Babayan himself and copylefted,
it appeared on a chines publication of some sort. However, i have not
read it yet completely and it looks like the babbling that F-CPU
did during its 6 first months of life... historical background,
groundbreaking ideas...

I have read the end a bit and have found some stuff which kernel gurus
might laugh at. It seems ELBRUS is not designed for a Unix-like kernel,
even BSD or HURD, maybe a russian OS. Particularly, the problem
of the virus is described in a way which is ... "holé holé" and this
surprises me, Boris being considered as the "Russian Seymour Cray".

I still have to read the whole stuff with a fresh brain, after some
days of sleep, but the link is interesting anyway. It both remembers
me of F-CPU in the early stages and shows a bit from the russian computing

i'm puzzled but i didn't expect a miracle...

> > Graham
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