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Re: [f-cpu] elbrus

From: "Yann Guidon" <whygee@f-cpu.org>

> I have read the end a bit and have found some stuff which kernel gurus
> might laugh at. It seems ELBRUS is not designed for a Unix-like kernel,
> even BSD or HURD, maybe a russian OS.

Why do you say that?

> Particularly, the problem
> of the virus is described in a way which is ... "holé holé" and this
> surprises me, Boris being considered as the "Russian Seymour Cray".

They obviously need an English technical writer for proofreading, but this
to me has always seemed one of their bigger features ... support for
efficient hardware bounds checking to me seems a fine feature (this kind of
µgrained protection is impossible to do with virtual memory, even with
tagged TLB's ... well maybe virtual caches with 32 bit ID's and per
cacheline tagging :). The filesystem they suggest is a bit out of the
ordinary, seems some sort of memory mapped monstrosity, but you dont have to
use it ... only if you want to use their security mechanism.


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