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Re: [f-cpu] more about f-romfs

I didn't agry with your vision of a bios that his really like a PC BIOS.
But first what are the possibility for a boot process actually :
	- Stupid BIOS, who is only doing the initialisation of the needed
peripheric and give the hand to the first code on the specified disk (it could
be a cdrom, or whatever you wan't, but local).
	- A firmware, what you're wanting to do,that mean that he will
select which kernel to boot and so on. I think, that we need to reflash
the ROM every time we update our kernel... And it will be very complicated
for booting OS like hurd...
	- Directly boot a linux, like in the linuxBIOS project. I think, that
not a so bad idea, but you need a big ROM to boot... This solution give you
to easily boot over NFS with out having any HD. The only problem, is that we 
need to port Linux on it first, a job that will be done a day however.

Personnaly I prefer the first solution, because more complex a bios, more
time it take for a boot, and to be stable. An other think is that in a lot of
case the kernel will redo what it has been done by it...

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