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[f-cpu] Erin64 Boot-Load Process

    The Erin64 has a very simple process using "Flash Memory" as follows:
    1.  Issue Global Reset
    2.  Clear Program & Local Memory, Language Processor
         and Peripheral Processor
    3   Write Program & Local Memory, both processors
    4.  Initialize Character Generators
    5.  Issue "RUN" to both Processors
    6.  Both Processors commence an "Initialize Routine"
        starting at address Zero.  Upon completion both
        Processors execute a HLT Instruction with Interrupts
        Enabled.  The Processors have nothing to process
        untill a USER at a one of 128 Terminals makes either
        a Keyboard entry or a Mouse Click selection.  Or if an
        Inter-system Interrupt (ISI) request comes via the
        Expansion Port to the Peripheral Processor for a
         Hard Disk operation.
For what it's worth
Dick Hartney